Mentorships are open to aspiring and experienced artists.

As a makeup artist, I learned that artistry is one part of the recipe in building a successful artist. Some of the topics included in the course are…

  • Approaching the face

  • Hands on demonstration

  • Portfolio review and work critique

  • Client services and business management

  • Any requested topic will be covered.


For ladies and gents who are looking to update their look or just improve their daily techniques

What we cover

  • 15 min  Consultation of your needs & review of current products

  • Two looks will be covered

  • Hands on demonstration on half the face

  • Step by step guidance as you apply makeup on half your face

  • Review and list of product recommendations



Whether it’s a team building offsite, a group of moms looking to master a 2 minute look or a bridal party looking for a unique idea to shower the bride, learning makeup over a few glasses of mimosas is always a good idea.

Custom packages complete with bites and mimosas are available to suit your occasion.