A mid week getaway to the Parker Palms Springs is just what the doctor ordered for four LAdies needing a quick escape from reality.  A prescription of flamin hot cheetos, spiked lemonade, girl talk, and pool time can cure just about anything.  Well… almost.  And for four girls with an active instagram account, every nook and cranny of the place is an instagrammer’s dream that we couldn’t help but get carried away with our instas (#psgirlsonly)!

BTW, how perfectly fitting is my Future Glory palm tote for my trip or for any tropical trip?

palm srpings-6palm srpings-8 palm srpings-42  palm srpings-40   palm srpings-38  palm srpings-36 palm srpings-35  palm srpings-27 palm srpings-25 palm srpings-23 palm srpings-22palm srpings-4

Top: ZARA // Shorts:  American Eagle  (similar here)// Sandals: Zara // Tote: Future Glory // Hat: Madewell  (similar here) // Bracelets: Margaret Elizabeth + Gorjana // Sunnies: Tom Ford



(praying that the fine folks at Benefit Cosmetics do not read this post)

While I love most things Benefit, this was certainly not one of them. When I buy a product, I really want to like it.  I really do.  I love makeup. I love experimenting with it. I love buying it. However, with this particular item and all the buzz surrounding it I had really high hopes. I mean with the success of High Beam, They’re Real Mascara, CoralistaPorfessional.. I mean the list can go on and on.

They’re Real Push Up Liner is, as the name suggests, a pushup gel liner in the form of a pen that’s suppose to be smudge and waterproof. While the idea behind it was inventive, I think somewhere between idea and execution something fell a bit short. Not to toot my own horn (toot, toot!)  but I would say I’m someone who is pretty skilled at applying eyeliner. Now, if it takes me a few tries to get accustomed to the product and a few more tries to actually to create a smooth line, I can’t imagine what it would be like for an average consumer, who is less skilled at applying makeup especially eyeliner. Initially, the product comes out a bit clumpy and a takes a few swipes on your hand to smooth out by which time you’ve already wasted a lot of product. Perhaps, if they replaced the rubber tip with a  built in brush it would create a more seamless and smooth result. Additionally, the staying power was underwhelming. In a matter of a few hours, from breakfast to lunch to be exact, the liner was everywhere but on my upper eyelid.

Lets just say if you perusing the aisles of  Sephora in search of a pen liner,  keep on walking past Benefit and go straight towards Stila’ Stay All Day liners.

Benefit liner-1  Benefit liner-3 Benefit liner-4 Benefit liner-5

 “may the wings of your eyeliner always be even” –

someone on the internet





I was invited to the Menlo Charity Horse Show by the kind folks at Rosewood Sandhill.  A great time was had with some of my favorite ladies feeding beautiful horses, snapping selfies with stallions while carefully maneuvering around and taking in the sweet aroma of horse shit.  BTW, I wouldn’t recommend wearing open toe sandals to a horse show.  Don’t say, I didn’t warn you.

In other breaking acquisition news,  I pulled the trigger on the Givenchy Pandora Mini that I was debating over in THIS post.  I must say I love it and I’ve been carrying it nonstop.  It’s small and fits exactly what I need for daily use plus a bit more.

Rosewoo_Menlo19 copy





but first, let me take a selfieRosewoo_Menlo02

Dress: Amour Vert // Shoes: Alexander Wang  // Bag: Givenchy // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelets:  Kate Spade + Margaret Elizabeth // Necklace: Madewell

Photos: Vero Suh





I get it.  Everyone wants the the Kim Kardashian over highlighted over contoured look, which will be further referred to as KKK (Kim Kardashian Kontour). I think her makeup artist does a fabulous job at tightening, brightening and chiseling her already gorgeous face (I’m sure the botox doesn’t hurt either).  However, if I were to do this on my own round face on the daily… I’d look like a castaway in Lord of the Flies. I love subtly and so do my clients.  Don’t get me wrong, I contour too but I have a much lighter hand.  Enter Anastasia’s contour kit, a 6 pot highlight, setting and chiseling deliciousness of contouring heaven. You can either build your own palette or pick from the existing palettes that come in light, medium and dark.

What  I really like about this palette is that it’s build-able. All the products are powder so you can build intensity by simply the brush you use. The contouring can be as soft or as intense as you wish.  The KKK method uses a ton of concealer which results in a very full coverage that can lead to a thick and cake-y finish.  Another bonus to this palette is that it packs up nicely, it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up very much room which is always a plus for my kit.

Again, my face is round so I don’t like to create depth that isn’t there.  Instead, to soften the shape of my face, I use a blush brush to shade areas such as the temples, underneath the cheek bone and jawline. If I were to do the KKK, it’ll just look like someone drew a line on my face and forgot to wipe it off.  For the nose, I  run a eyeshadow crease brush, using a one of the 2 darker shades, from the inner brow, down the sides to the tip of my nose to build height.  Then for even more height,  I run Sand and Benefit’s High Beam down the center of my nose, starting from the center of the forehead down to the tip.  If i’m feeling extra sassy, I’ll use the eyeshadow brush to create a sronger contour.  For this post, I even doubled Sand (the highlighting shade) and Havana + Java as eyeshadow.


1) The kit!

Anastasia Contour-12

2) The ingredients

Anastasia Contour-13

3) The colors for the light palette . Left> Right: Vanilla, Banana, Sand, 2nd row: Java, Fawn, Havana

Anastasia Contour-15Anastasia Contour-11

4) Before:  I only applied my cushion compact Anastasia Contour-6


5) Using the 2 darkest shades in the palette, I’ve applied it to the sides of my nose, below my cheekbone and templesAnastasia Contour-7

Anastasia Contour-8

6) Finished look! Sorry for the camera quality being a little different.

Anastasia Contour-1 Anastasia Contour-2 Anastasia Contour-3 Anastasia Contour-4

7) Close up

Anastasia Contour-10

Products used:














I’ve been a bit obsessed with croc-stamped leather as of late (notice the bag and shoes!).  I feel it takes, the otherwise plain, leather and kicks it up a notch.  I mean everyone one has a black leather bag but you can justify another black bag purchase if it’s new size, structure and, especially, a texture that’s not in your already growing collection. Now, if only I can afford the real deal… perhaps in a another, more luxurious, lifetime.

TheGlamourist_OOTD-004 TheGlamourist_OOTD-016 TheGlamourist_OOTD-023 TheGlamourist_OOTD-028 TheGlamourist_OOTD-030

Jacket: Acne Studios // Shirt & Shorts: Gap // Bag: Celine // Shoes:  Stylenanda (Similar here) // Sunglasses: Tom Ford





OBSESSED.  Seriously.  Why haven’t I discovered Anastasia’s Dipbrow sooner? Imagine the finish, softness and fullness of a powder but with precision that only a pencil can provide.  It’s workable and blends/brushes out quite nicely but it’s soft enough to glide on your brows AND as an eyeliner. For this post, I used the dark brown (see below).  The product itself  is very pigmented so use sparingly and with a light hand. You can always build the product but it’s seemingly more annoying to take it off.  The staying power is also quite nice. When you happen to pass a mirror, you’ll notice that half your brows haven’t mysteriously vanished.  Since most of my business is bridal, I’m a fan of anything that has a smooth application and durability to weather hours of heat and humidity.

See below for my before and after Anastasia’s Dipbrow brows

Anastasia-37Anastasia-20   Anastasia-35 Anastasia-36

Anastasia-2 Anastasia-5

Anastasia -40 Anastasia -41 Anastasia -42

Anastasia Dipbrow





My latest lusting is Givenchy’s Mini Pandora. I’ve been in the market for a casual, unstructured, easy to throw around, mini cross body bag that leaves me handsfree and comfortably fits a phone, camera, keys, lipstick and a compact. Quite honestly, this was not a love at first sight kind of lust but as time went on I’ve grown to love the casual edginess of this bag plus it’s perfect for traveling and work. Now the big question is, should I or shouldn’t I?



Givenchy  Mini Pandora





TheGlamourist_OOTD-056 TheGlamourist_OOTD-053 TheGlamourist_OOTD-059 TheGlamourist_OOTD-062 TheGlamourist_OOTD-063 TheGlamourist_OOTD-065

 Ironically, summers in San Francisco is much  colder than winters in Los Angeles. Suits me just fine since it means I can get more wear out of my new leather jacket I recently got in in NYC.

Leather: Acne Studios // Sweater: Michael Stars // Jeans: Frame // Heels:  Christian Louboutin // Sunglasses: Tom  Ford // Handbag:  Celine





Chanel shoes-4 Chanel shoes-6  Chanel shoes-8   Chanel shoes-11


Available in store only

Visited the Friends & Family sale at Saks a couple months back, hoping to catch 30% off on some shoes I’d been lusting after.  Instead, saw a girl try on a divine Chanel number and felt compelled to do the same.   After a few wham-bam-thank-ya-ma’am minutes later, they were boxed, bagged and on their way to a sweet new home. Necessity? No.  But then again, when are they ever?





Kate spade-1

Kate spade-2

I’m so excited to announce this giveaway! I’ve teamed up with Kate Spade to giveaway to one of our lucky readers their signature Live Colorfully scents.  The winner will receive a 1.7oz eau de parfum spray + 6.8oz body cream (retail value $150).  If you haven’t already gotten a whiff of this lovely scent, I can assure you it’s devine.

To enter..

1) Follow us on Bloglovin

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Open to international residents. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on 6/25 at 6:00 PM.

Good luck!




Sulwhasoo CC-2 Sulwhasoo CC-4Sulwhasoo CC-8

Sulwhasoo Cushion Compact

I’ve been on this obsession with cushion compacts lately.  Check out my last post HERE on AmorePacfic’s. I thought Amorepacific’s was great but I may have found one that I like slightly better. Enter Sulwhasoo. This line has been the best kept secret in Korean skincare until now.  You may have seen this line in select Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman stores. Many Korean women would probably credit this line for their youthful and bright skin.

The biggest difference I found with this product versus their counterpart, AmorePacfic, is that there is more coverage and the finish is a little less dewy.  It is still dewy but not as much as Amorepacific’s and the coverage is comparable to a medium coverage foundation but with significantly more added benefits (listed below).  As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve eliminated foundation from my daily routine since using the cushion compacts.

The only drawback I would find is that they only make 2 shades in these compacts. If you fall into a darker shade then you’re essentially out of luck.  Since this is a Korean brand they produce products for the Korean/Asian markets, which generally fall in to the fair and less fair complexions.  Since they are getting into more global markets such as the US and Europe, I’m hoping they start producing for the global market by adding 2-3 darker shades.

To USE:   Apply after skincare, sunscreen and BB cream.  If the finish is too dewy, dust a little pressed or loose powder on the top to set.






AmorePacific CC-1AmorePacific CC-3AmorePacific CC-5

jane_012jane_011  jane_014


I love how Korea has been so innovative with the entire cosmetics industry.  They really are at the forefront of beauty technology and that’s because demand for the latest and greatest is so high there.  Women are always looking to improve their skin and the way it appears.  First, there was the BB cream. Now, enter Cushion Compacts.  It’s essentially a liquid product soaked in a sponge which makes traveling with so much easier.   In fact, since I’ve started using the cushion compacts, I’ve eliminate liquid foundation from my routines. The cushion compacts always includes a refill and offers a light dewy coverage, that I like, but for those who want a matte finish just set with a little loose or pressed powder.

Here are some added benefits of the AmorePacific’s Cushion Compact (via amorepacific)

To USE:   Apply after skincare, sunscreen and BB cream.  If the finish is too dewy, dust a little pressed or loose powder on the top to set.





acne jkt-8 acne jkt-6  acne jkt-4 acne jkt-3 acne jkt-2

ACNE Leather Jkt (here & here)

My last trip to New York I kind of splurged on this leather moto jacket.  I’ve been wanting a moto jacket for quite a while but when I slipped this piece on I knew it felt right. This piece instantly adds a ton of edge to any outfit and looks great worn traditionally and draped over the shoulders. I’ve been wearing it a ton and, admittedly, feel like a badass every time.  If you want to see, just check out my insta!









Balmain Leather Biker Trousers

$4,891 $3,487

Yay! These amazing leather pants I’ve been lusting after on Lyst is on sale! If only, I can drum up enough the courage to spend that much on a pair of pants!

Face + Fashion

SK-II Popup

All of those who read my skincare post might think I’m just a tad neurotic. I’ve only recently put in the effort to take really good care of my skin.  As we all know, I love SK-II products and to get my fix I just visit my nearest Saks counter and ask them for their best anti aging products.  But after visiting the SK-II popup shop and being tested under the Beauty Imaging System, I was surprised to find out brightening and treating sun/age spots should be my main goal.  If you happen to be in SF or NYC, I highly recommend visiting the pop up shop so you can find out how to properly target your skin. HURRY! This is their last week!


- Offering complimentary consultations to walk-ins via the new Beauty Imaging System

- Interactive Product Testing

- Takeaway samples based on skin score

- The Beauty Imaging System predicts the skin’s visible age to help determine a SK-II product ritual designed for an individual’s skin concerns

- The Beauty Imaging System can be found at certain retailers near you

After all that, here are the additions and update to my skincare regimen… 


SK-II Whitening Serum Brightening Derm Specialist

SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C

SK-II Brightening Derm Moisturizer

If you are in the SF or NY area be sure to check out the SK-II popup at one of these locations!

117 Post Street,  San Francisco

468 Broome Street, NYC






If you haven’t heard by now, YSL Rouge Pur Couture #52 lipstick is the hottest thing on the market right now and it’s  more impossible to track down than an “original” Cronut (read The Cut article here). The color was made wildly popular by Cheon Song Yi, played by Jeon Ji Hyun, in the hugely popular drama series My Love From Another Star (aka You From Another Star). Cheon Song Yi is probably the Korean, maybe even the Asian, equivalent to Carrie Bradshaw.  Expect everything she dons from the shoes, the bags, to the clothes even all the way down to the lipstick to sell out… and sell out quick. In fact, the lipstick was so high in demand it sold out in all international markets and was event listed on ebay for 3 times the price! I may or may not have considered buying it at the ridiculously marked up rate but quickly came to my senses.

Luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on a few tubes, at retail value, and what better way to spread the beauty with my readers than doing a giveaway! After all, sharing is caring!

To Enter follow these simple rules!

1 Follow us on Instagram & follow the directions captioned in this post

2: Like us on Facebook + share this postoptional but will increase your chance of winning!

**Winner will be randomly selected & announced 05/22/14

**Open to international residents

** Multiple entries allowed.

Good Luck!!!!





Another product I picked up from famed makeup artist Jung Saem Mool‘s makeup line, MULE, is the Finger Fixing Powder.  The design of the product is unique.  It combines the tool, in this case a powder puff or brush, and the powder into one easy product.  By omitting the need of a third item, you’ll find that you save time and a little extra room in your makeup bag.

Note, this a a highlighting powder rather than a regular setting powder. Although this product does absorb oil, it has a brightening agent in it which should be dabbed on the areas you want to highlight. To use, give the product a gentle shake and the powder will come up to the surface of the built in puff.  Apply using a light dabbing motion in areas such as the forehead, underneath the eyes, upper cheekbones and chin. If you happen to apply it all over the face, the result might be a bit ghostly.

MULE touch powder-7   MULE touch powder-5MULE touch powder-6

Mule Finger Fixing Powder.




OOTD | Neon + Animal print

My wardrobe is very monochromatic. A comfort zone, if you will. My favorites are white, black and gray paired with denim or the occasional pops of color. I rarely wear prints or neon, for that matter, but pairing the two was quite the refreshing change from my usual colorless ways.  Perhaps, this proves that I should step out of my comfort zone more often.


jane_36  jane_37

Sweater: Forever 21 (similar here) / Pants: Isabel Marant pour HM (similar here) / Shoes: Christian Louboutins  / Bag: Future Glory Co  /  Necklace: Madewell  / Watch: Michael Kors

Photo by Jessica Burke













Tutorial | Bright + Dewy Skin

After watching the Korean drama My Love from Another Star, I’ve been obsessed with bright dewy skin. The leading lady, played by Jun Ji Yeon, also known as Gianna Jun, was literally radiating light from within.  I have never seen such radiant glowy complexion in my life!  Naturally, I became obsessed with chasing what little I could of this starlet’s signature look, which leads me now to sharing my my step by step tutorial and product list in achieving said look.

jane_004      cccreambbcream




1 /  Etude House CC Cream // apply a small dab on the forehead above the center of the brows and underneath the center of eyes at the top of the cheek bone.  Use fingers to and gently work outward, in a swiping motion, to the the upper cheek bone and out towards the temples.   this is where light would naturally hit the face.

2 /  Etude House BB Cream // repeat the step above and to any blemished areas.

3 /  Amore Pacific Cushion Compact // this compact leaves a dewy finish with just the right amount of coverage.  dab in areas that need more blending of color.

4 /  Amazing Concealer  // apply on the sides of the nose, blemishes and  underneath the eyes, getting as close to the lash line as possible.  use a dabbing motion to work it well into the skin.

5 /  Laura Mercier Pressed Powder  // set the base using a powder brush.  this step helps the product from running.

6  / Benefit’s High Beam //  apply to the areas that light will naturally hit the face… down the center of the nose, center of the forehead, upper cheek bone, brow bone and underneath the eyes.

7 /  Finish off with your favorite cheek and lip color.

Next up may have to be a video tutorial.




Product Review | MULE Foundcealer

My favorite makeup artist hails from my home country of South Korea.  Jung Saem Mool single handedly started the dewy no makeup makeup look with the semi bright stained lip.   Her signature look has been copied all across Asia and I am so a guilty of it.  She is as much a household name as the star studded clients whose faces she graces.  Some of her clients include some of Asias’s biggest names…Boa, Tae Hee Kim, Tang Wei, Ji Woo Choi and Hyori just some of her very regular clientele.  She came out with her own line MULE (Make your own rule). So during my last stop in Korea, I had to stop in and check out some of her items.  While she doesn’t exactly have a full line, I have become a fan of her signature products for their innovative technology and packaging.

The Foundcealer is medium coverage compact foundation that comes with a concealer and brightener. The compact comes in two shades, 1 & 2, most of ladies of Korea will likely fall under shade 1, however there is big color difference from 1 and 2.  I think I fall in between 1 & 2 because the 2 seems to be pretty dark and very yellow/olive.. which is a bit harder match.  Design of the packaging is on the bulkier side but then again you are getting the ease of 3 products in 1.  The push button technology dispenses the perfect amount of product onto a built-in palette which makes mixing the concealer and brightener easy and mess free.

As for the coverage, it’s great.  Lightweight. Good coverage.  Very pliable and easy to work with.

MULE touch powder-5

MULE touch powder-8

The push button technology dispenses the perfect amount of product.MULE touch powder-1

A built in palette makes mixing product easy.  No more getting messy on the back of your hand.MULE touch powder-3 MULE touch powder-2

MULE Foundcealer




OOTD | Cobalt + Lace

FutureGlory-12 FutureGlory-13

Photo by Dan Cohen

Top: Sea  /  Skirt: Amour Vert  / Shoes: Valentino  /  Bag: Future Glory

I don’t know if you can tell but I’ve been obsessed with cobalt blue lately.  The rich pop of color adds a lot of sass and confidence to an outfit.  We shot this look for Future Glory’s look book.  Somehow the color blocked pairing of this sea foam clutch with my favorite cobalt blue skirt seems to work beautifully.  Til next time!





Circle Lens-1 jane_075  jane_076

Compare the two eyes… the left eye w/ circle lens and the right w/ojane_077

Both eyes with circle lensjane_080  jane_079 

Circle lenses are a hot trend in Asia so I picked up a pair in Seoul.  They had a pretty wide price range to choose from, the more expensive options costs up to $80.  I was told the main difference was the comfortability but since I wasn’t sure how I often I would be sporting these, I opted for the cheaper pair, which cost just less than $10 (usd).   After trying them on for the first time, I kind of wish I had sprung for the more expensive option since the pair I picked up were quite uncomfortable. Keep in mind, that I don’t wear glasses or contacts, so having something foreign laying on top of my eyeballs does take some getting use to.

Verdict? While I do like the look on certain people and it does make my eyes look bigger, it still looks pretty abnormal for me. I’d say they are fun to wear occasionally especially with heavier eye makeup to balance the look.



OOTD | Tulle & Sweats

jane_06 jane_08jane_13    jane_11  jane_07

Sweatshirt: Isabel Marant pour H&M (similar here) /  Skirt: Anthropolgie (similar HERE)  /  Shoes: Christian Louboutin  / Necklace: J. Crew (similar)  /  Clutch:  Future Glory Co

I love pairing casual with dressy and what’s the ultimate dressy/cas combo?  Sweats & tulle!  It almost makes wearing a tea length tutu skirt during broad daylight look kinda sane.

Photo by Jessica Burke