I get it.  Everyone wants the the Kim Kardashian over highlighted over contoured look, which will be further referred to as KKK (Kim Kardashian Kontour). I think her makeup artist does a fabulous job at tightening, brightening and chiseling her already gorgeous face (I’m sure the botox doesn’t hurt either).  However, if I were to do this on my own round face on the daily… I’d look like a castaway in Lord of the Flies. I love subtly and so do my clients.  Don’t get me wrong, I contour too but I have a much lighter hand.  Enter Anastasia’s contour kit, a 6 pot highlight, setting and chiseling deliciousness of contouring heaven. You can either build your own palette or pick from the existing palettes that come in light, medium and dark.

What  I really like about this palette is that it’s build-able. All the products are powder so you can build intensity by simply the brush you use. The contouring can be as soft or as intense as you wish.  The KKK method uses a ton of concealer which results in a very full coverage that can lead to a thick and cake-y finish.  Another bonus to this palette is that it packs up nicely, it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up very much room which is always a plus for my kit.

Again, my face is round so I don’t like to create depth that isn’t there.  Instead, to soften the shape of my face, I use a blush brush to shade areas such as the temples, underneath the cheek bone and jawline. If I were to do the KKK, it’ll just look like someone drew a line on my face and forgot to wipe it off.  For the nose, I  run a eyeshadow crease brush, using a one of the 2 darker shades, from the inner brow, down the sides to the tip of my nose to build height.  Then for even more height,  I run Sand and Benefit’s High Beam down the center of my nose, starting from the center of the forehead down to the tip.  If i’m feeling extra sassy, I’ll use the eyeshadow brush to create a sronger contour.  For this post, I even doubled Sand (the highlighting shade) and Havana + Java as eyeshadow.


1) The kit!

Anastasia Contour-12

2) The ingredients

Anastasia Contour-13

3) The colors for the light palette . Left> Right: Vanilla, Banana, Sand, 2nd row: Java, Fawn, Havana

Anastasia Contour-15Anastasia Contour-11

4) Before:  I only applied my cushion compact Anastasia Contour-6


5) Using the 2 darkest shades in the palette, I’ve applied it to the sides of my nose, below my cheekbone and templesAnastasia Contour-7

Anastasia Contour-8

6) Finished look! Sorry for the camera quality being a little different.

Anastasia Contour-1 Anastasia Contour-2 Anastasia Contour-3 Anastasia Contour-4

7) Close up

Anastasia Contour-10

Products used:













Tutorial | Bright + Dewy Skin

After watching the Korean drama My Love from Another Star, I’ve been obsessed with bright dewy skin. The leading lady, played by Jun Ji Yeon, also known as Gianna Jun, was literally radiating light from within.  I have never seen such radiant glowy complexion in my life!  Naturally, I became obsessed with chasing what little I could of this starlet’s signature look, which leads me now to sharing my my step by step tutorial and product list in achieving said look.

jane_004      cccreambbcream




1 /  Etude House CC Cream // apply a small dab on the forehead above the center of the brows and underneath the center of eyes at the top of the cheek bone.  Use fingers to and gently work outward, in a swiping motion, to the the upper cheek bone and out towards the temples.   this is where light would naturally hit the face.

2 /  Etude House BB Cream // repeat the step above and to any blemished areas.

3 /  Amore Pacific Cushion Compact // this compact leaves a dewy finish with just the right amount of coverage.  dab in areas that need more blending of color.

4 /  Amazing Concealer  // apply on the sides of the nose, blemishes and  underneath the eyes, getting as close to the lash line as possible.  use a dabbing motion to work it well into the skin.

5 /  Laura Mercier Pressed Powder  // set the base using a powder brush.  this step helps the product from running.

6  / Benefit’s High Beam //  apply to the areas that light will naturally hit the face… down the center of the nose, center of the forehead, upper cheek bone, brow bone and underneath the eyes.

7 /  Finish off with your favorite cheek and lip color.

Next up may have to be a video tutorial.




Tutorial | Etude House Strawberry Foam Rollers

How adorable are these strawberry foam rollers from Etude House that  I picked up in Korea?   These rollers are so fun  and easy that i decided to do a step by step tutorial! Etude House Strawberry-2Etude House Strawberry-4

1) Start with semi-damp hair.  For better hold,  apply a bit of mousse all over the hair.jane_084 

2) Grab small sections and begin twisting.jane_086

3) I like to place the roller closer to the root and being wrapping the hair into the roller.  When done wrapping, make sure the roller is secure otherwise use a pin to hold the roller in place.jane_087

4) Continue this step until all hair has been place in the rollers.jane_088 jane_090

5)  Set it and forget it. Because the hair was damp, it may take some time to dry.  Try doing this at night or at the very beginning stage of your getting ready process.  Otherwise, use blow dryer to speed up the drying process


6) Remove the rollers. If you find the waves to be too curly, use a your hands and smooth out the hair by running your fingers through it.jane_095 

7) To finish the look, using a texturizing or smoothing product to smooth out the ends.  jane_097

8) Voila! Beautiful wavy locks and you didn’t have to burn a finger to get it!jane_093   

Photos courtesy of Gladys Jem

Etude House

Til next time… #keepitrealyo


the Tutorial

Tutorial | Threading

Check out my new YouTube tutorial on threading!


Beautylish – Bridal Beauty Tips

A couple weeks ago, I did an interview for the great new site Beautylish, a sort of MakeupAlley meets  Yelp of the beauty world, members are able to connect with other artists, product junkies, write reviews and scour the neverending list of beauty products.   The interview covered the does and don’ts of a trial session, makeup based on skin type, colors,  communicating with your artist and just some basic tips for your big day.

The inteview was broken down into 4 installments:

Click here for part 1: Bridal Beauty Tips

Click here for part 2: Bridal Beauty Tips for cool undertones

Click here for part 3: Bridal Beauty Tips for warm undertones

Click here for part 4: Bridal Beauty Tips for olive undertones

I leave you with pictures!


How to get loose sexy curls tutorial

check out my first hair tutorial!

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How to get Reese Witherspoon’s hollywood glam look!

Last week, I wrote a little article for Celebrity Wedding Reporter followed by this youtube tutorial on how to acheive Reese Witherspoon’s Hollywood Glam look. 


Check out the full article here


The perfect cat-eye tutorial

So… I finally pulled the trigger and uploaded my first youtube video!    

Well the one I’m posting here is actually the 2nd tutorial on acheiving the perfect cat-eye.  This style of makeup has been immensely popular for as long as I can remember.  While the use of colors may become dated, this look can and will forever stand the test of time. 


(image from

Without further adieu…


Quick Tip | Achieving the sun-kissed glow

Have you ever wanted Jennifer Lopez’s golden goddess glow but ended up looking more like Snooki after one too many  smush sessions?
I thought this would be a great topic is because I think many women associate  sun-kissed glow to tanner skin thus using a darker foundation to achieve said look.     I experienced this first hand when I was applying makeup for a friend and she asked that I use her foundation because she felt that foundation gave her color.    I always recommend against this because when you apply a darker foundation the color hardly ever blends well on to  your skin and instead it appears as though it’s separating.   Additionally, I’ve noticed that some foundations  oxidize when applied on the skin and most often times turns an orangey hue.
Here is how to achieve a sun-kissed glow;
1)  Apply your regular foundation (one that matches your skin color)
2) Then LIGHTLY dust bronzer around your temples, along the jaw line, on the neck, your cheek bones and some times you may want to apply it on your chest.   Do not apply directly on the eyelids or around the eyes.  You also don’t want to over do it and have your neck be 4 shades lighter than your face.   
3) Although the bronzer is the what gives you the sun-kissed look… the highlighter is what gives off that bright glow. I lightly apply Lorac’s Perfectly Lit highlighter around the eyes, on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes.   This technique really helps with brightening your eyes and face and takes years off!
4) Don’t forget the blush!   You want  finish your look with some color on your cheeks and the  sun-kissed glow is never complete without a peachy/coral blush.  My favorite is NARS’s  Orgasm Blush.  It also contains shimmer so it helps heighten the glow.
REMEMBER LADIES…  Apply lightly!
Here are some examples of successful and unsuccessful “glows”: 
What NOT to do  - Snooki ( I love her to death but the makeup is just wrong)
What to do –  Jennifer Lopez who defined the sun-kissed glow and essentially started the trend.