Mom Life


I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! What a lovely weekend it was in the city. While I mostly worked, it was nice to enjoy the little time I had on a date with my little guy.  We enjoyed a quick snack and a latte, by we I mean me, at one of our favorite cafes followed by a little time at the park.

Since becoming a new mom I knew some sacrifices were inevitable… most of the casualties being my social life, travel, work and self maintenance. Luckily, not all was lost in this new mom life. While, it’s always easy to reach for sweats and yoga pants, sometimes I want to feel human and hip. I may put on a little makeup, reach for my leather jacket, because a leather jacket ALWAYS feels cool, and grab my  Cybex Cloud Q car seat.  The sleek design always grabs attention while providing comfortable safe protection for Loki. Plus, the additional feature of the full recline position really helps with nap time any where I may be whether its a cafe, shopping meeting friends for play dates or the playground.

New moms, the best piece of advice I can give is to live your life and have your  baby adapt to your lifestyle. Don’t forego too much in terms of your social life and style in this new life, even though my high waisted mom jeans may say otherwise (I swear they’re in style). And, get a great car seat!


Car Seat: Cybex

Photos: Melanie Duerkopp



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