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If you haven’t heard, I’ll be hosting a POP-UP SHOP with Kim Le of Lace and Locks and Morning Lavender this coming Sunday, August 30.  There will be a bevy of pretty clothes, skincare from Yepeau, bites and rosé !

So if you run out things to do after you Sunday Brunch make your way over! I’d love to see you all there!

Where: Blu Bungalow (2068 Union St, San Francisco)



Also other amazing vendors that make this event possible

A Jar of Pickle

Love Life + Bloom

Sweet Events

Events by Tiffie

Bottle Bracket



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Although I am an SF resident, I’m a SoCal girl at heart.  I prefer palm trees, sun and blue skies over the chilling SF weather.  Where ever I may go in the world, home will always be LA, actually I grew up in OC but would never move back there… unless you love track homes, chain restaurants and establishments closing at 9pm.

So on my last visit to LA, it was a real treat to visit Griffith Observatory between meals. Yes, I  plan trips around meals.  From the expansive view of LA from downtown to Santa Monica, it was every bit comforting and equally nostalgic the memories this place brings of my brother and I running around doing the tours and learning about the galaxy. It was more special because I got to share this experience with my mom, who neither of us have been back for close to 15 years… actually, longer for her.

Grif Observ-16 Grif Observ-25 Grif Observ-26 Grif Observ-28 Grif Observ-36 Grif Observ-46

Hope all of you have a chance to visit someday!  The views are incredible.

Griffith Park Observatory
2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(213) 473-0800



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How lucky am I to bid adieu to a great summer season amongst wonderful friends and this gorgeous mountainous backdrop.  This past weekend was every bit perfection as we kicked off each morning with mimosas, beautiful lake views and scenic bike rides to the local store.  There was even a crowd source Tinder swiping session on the big screen TV complete with unfiltered commentary. Very entertaining.  And, for just a fleeting moment, this city girl thought to herself “hey, I can get used to this life”.  But as the summer slowly began to escape us and as the sun laid to rest that evening,  we were met by mother nature’s cold breezy touch and beautiful aromatic scents that welcomed us perfectly into fall.

DPR -2 DPR -3 DPR -10 DPR -16 DPR -19  DPR -32 DPR -34 DPR -35 DPR -40  DPR -44 DPR -45 DPR -50  DPR -56 DPR -57 DPR -58DPR -42

Swimsuit: Triangl // Overalls: Zara (similar here) // Tank: Isabel Marant x HM (similar here) // Sweater:  Uniqlo (similar here)  //  Sunnies:  Raybans

*POOF* and summer is gone just like the, cold autumn, wind.

Photos by Kayla Vie




Tokyo Trip

After Seoul, we hopped on over to Tokyo join my hubby on his work trip.  Unfortunately, his flight was canceled so he arrived 3 days later than planned. I must say it was  quite an adjustment going from Seoul to Tokyo. There was a lot of modern conveniences that we had gotten accustomed to in Seoul which wasn’t exactly available for us in Tokyo.  Nonetheless, our agenda is always food and we were quite happy with the places we dined at.  What’s unique about Japanese cuisine and restaurants is that a chef will specialize in one dish and spend 20, or sometimes 30+, years mastering it… whether it’s sushi, tonkatsu, ramen, udon or soba.  What’s so humbling is,  if you ask these masters if they feel like they’ve perfected their dish they’ll most commonly answer that it will never reach perfection.

Maisen Aoyama for some amazing tonkatsu!Japan 2014-1

Japan 2014-8

Hanging in HarajukuJapan 2014-13

Busiest cross walk in the world. Photo taken at the busiest Starbucks in the world.Japan 2014-29    

Shibuya night

Japan 2014-43  

Udon Dinner

Japan 2014-51

My favorite place in Tokyo was Ueno Park.  It’s reminiscent of Dongdaemun Japan 2014-53Japan 2014-54Japan 2014-55Japan 2014-56Japan 2014-58Japan 2014-62  Japan 2014-78

signs of spring

Japan 2014-89Japan 2014-93 

Harajuku gate

 Japan 2014-97

Daisen Haurmi… true edo style sushi experience.Japan 2014-98 

My favorite tonkatsu at  ButagumiJapan 2014-136Japan 2014-138

and it was all just a blurJapan 2014-139


Seoulful Days- Part 2

I am so envious of people who take great travel photos. I stress a lot when taking a photo because I’m unsure if i’m taking a food  good photo and often times the subject is out of focus. Oh well, I heard soft focus is the trend now. Hope you enjoy the 2nd part of my Korea trip… we did a lot more eating!  It’s been a week and I already miss Seoul so much!

Seoul 2+-1Seoul 2+-8

Night shopping in DongdaemunSeoul 2+-10

Favorite new storeSeoul 3+-10

Seoul 2+-41Seoul 2+-42

another favorite meal… raw crab marinated in soy sauce.  heavenly.Seoul 2+-109

this is my favorite photo that I took.  Seoul 2+-118

More street food!

Seoul 2+-130


Seoul 2+-136

in the popuar food alleys, its common that the restaurants cook the main dish outside.  this was the fish alley we visited in Dongdaemun.Seoul 2+-140  Seoul 2+-148

Seoul 2+-142Seoul 2+-180Seoul 2+-190Seoul 2+-195

My favorite hodduk! The shell was crispy like a cracker and the inside had a thin layer of brown sugar.  It was much lighter than the fried ones I’m used to. I couldn’t find it after this :(

Seoul 2+-196

trinkets in Insadong

Seoul 2+-197Seoul 2+-204Seoul 2+-206Seoul 2+-213

views in Itaewon

Seoul 3+-18Seoul 3+-23Seoul 3+-26Seoul 3+-28

an old school fruit vendor

Seoul 3+-30Seoul 3+-31

a parade at the Noryangjin fish marketSeoul 3+-43

the daily selection

Seoul 3+-44Seoul 3+-50

Seoul 3+-80

Lunch…seriously fresh

Seoul 3+-51Seoul 3+-62Seoul 3+-63 

One of my favorite meals Seoul 3+-74 

our fish monger enjoy their lunch

Seoul 3+-77 

This sums up Korea.  Well… mostly :)  Tune in for my Japan pics!

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Around town: Organic Shimmer


Photo by Kristian Melom

I was recently invited to check out a beautiful new day spa that opened up close to home.  Organic Shimmer, is a one stop shop for some rest & relaxation with a healthy dose of beauty.   They offer tons of services from facials, spray tans, body treatments  and, my favorite, lash extensions!

I must say I was always kind of afraid of getting lash extensions since my lashes are already sparse and I like to rub off all my eye makeup when I wash my face. However, I am now a believer!  It’s so nice not having to worry about eye makeup and waking up actually looking awake!  I had them touched up just before my trip to Asia and it was so convenient not having to worry about eye makeup nor spend the time putting it on. It  just adds the perfect amount of definition and still looks so natural.  Megan, my lash gal, was amazing, quick and so personable. Check them out!

Organic Shimmer

680 8th Street Ste 188, SF, CA 94103



Seoulful Days – Part 1

I’m not one for sightseeing or major tourist attractions.  Instead, I much prefer gorging myself on the local fare and experiencing what foods truly makes that particular city or region unique.   On this trip, I side stepped most of the tourist destinations, I’d be lying if I say I didn’t get some shopping in, and visited night markets, street markets, food alleys and ate up as much street food as my belly would allow… enjoy!

Always maintain a good skincare routine when traveling especially in extreme weather changes.

Seoul Day 1-1

Chili pepper vendor… lots of of chili powered for your choosingSeoul Day 1-8

Love street food… this was a hot dog wrapped in fish cake and deep friedSeoul Day 1-11

Strawberries in Korea are insanely delicious and juicy Seoul Day 1-14

This food alley was truly an experience.  All the stalls sell the same foods but what makes this place fun are the aggressive food hawkers, who literally grab you by the hand and make you sit down at their stallSeoul Day 1-20

Korea would be lost without scissors

Seoul Day 1-24

Stacks of trays with banchan already assorted and ready to go out for delivery.  Delivery in Korea is so unique, they use dishes they would use in the restaurant instead of to-go containers.  Then someone from the restaurant swings by later and picks up the dishes.Seoul Day 1-27

Korea’s version of a farmers market

Seoul Day 1-30

The dried fish monger’s inventory of the day

Seoul Day 1-29Seoul Day 1-42

Gwangjang Market was my favorite place that I visited! Its endless aisles housed various vendors from fabric, shoes, vintage shops and tons and tons of food!

Seoul 2+-18


Seoul 2+-164 Seoul 2+-162 Seoul 2+-156 Seoul 2+-153 \  Seoul 2+-146 Seoul 2+-21  Seoul 2+-16

Not quite Saks but it’ll do.Seoul 2+-173

Part 2 coming soon!

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AROUND TOWN: Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous

MR MRS PBrittle-1MR MRS PBrittle-4 MR MRS PBrittle-8MR MRS PBrittle-3

I am beyond fortunate to live in a city known for its food.   What’s better is that I share a neighborhood with some truly amazing gems, whose fame far exceeds our tiny neighborhood.  Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous is my favorite ice cream shop in San Francisco.   With a menu that’s ever changing, the smell of fresh sugar cones permeating the air waves and an amazing homemade selection of candies, cookies and caramels, their peanut brittle, in my opinion, steals the show for when i’m not in the mood for ice cream (gasp!).  This tasty, crunchy, nutty, delectable goodness is perfect for those itching to cave into their sweet tooth cravings.

Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous

699 22nd St. (at 3rd St.), San Francisco CA 94107 




ATL Trip | Part 2 – Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Arriving to Thai Ceremony & Wedding Rehearsal

Me being fobby
My rehearsal outfit
The chapel where the Thai Ceremony and rehearsal  was held.

The grooms parent’s walking into the Thai Ceremony
Guests pouring water into the hands of the bride and groom.
Us ready to pour water into the hands of the bride and groom.
Barnsley Gardens Resort – The Ruins

 Us all done on up!
The dress
Ceremony site
Usher & mother!
The beautiful bride walking down the aisle
Awesome photo booth props


the simple things…

My recent vacation to Thailand has truly been a life changing experience.  It has made me appreciate my life  in ways I never thought I would… in the smaller things. The simple things..   As Americans, we are afforded the luxury of a dishwasher, washer and dryer, western toilets, clean water, hot water,  air conditioning, cars and more.   These are day to day necessities for us Americans but even in a major metropolitan city like Bangkok it’s still not readily available to some of it’s inhabitants.

In particular, my heart goes out to this dessert cart owner making thin wafer marshmallow cookies (which were delicious, btw)  in the sweltering heat with 2 young children playing behind her.  This particular street cart vendor really tugged at my heart strings because her story seemed a little too familiar.  Though I don’t know any of her back story, she reminded me very much of my mother who struggled and singlehandedly  raised two young children as an immigrant in a foreign country.   Seeing this woman struggling to walk in life’s foot steps,  brings back so many memories of my childhood and my mother.    At first glance their similarities end, unlike the cart owner, my mom was able to plant her feet in the Land of Opportunity to begin, what would be, a new life for us.    It is here that she sacrificed  and it is here that I gained the opportunity to do what I love to do.     Though now  appreciate all the simple things in life such as hot water, air conditioning and western toilets, I can’t put into words how much more I appreciate my mother for taking a leap of faith, taking one of life’s biggest risks and ultimately sacrificing her life and well being to make everything possible for us. 

Much love to all the single mothers who make the impossible possible for their children!





I recently vacationed in Thailand and here are some of the pics I wanted to share.