Traveling Skincare

For me it’s important to maintain my skincare routine especially when I’m traveling.   With the abrupt change in weather and stress of not being in your daily element, my skin tends to be the first to react.    Since packing toiletries is the most time consuming part of packing for me, I have a toiletry bag packed at all times for those extended vacations or the one nighters away from home.

Seoul Day 1-1

(L to R) Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, theBalm Hair spray, Morrocan Oil, Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate Oil, SKII toner, SKII Facelift Emulsion, AmorePacific Moisture Bound Serum, SKII Essence, AmorePacific Time Response SerumAmorePacific Time Response Moisture Creme, AmorePacific Eye Renewal Creme




Product Review: YSL Rouge Volupté Shine

Before I start, please excuse the blogging hiatus. :(



I recently discovered the deliciousness that is YSL’s Rouge Volupté Shine.  To start, the ultra gold packaging just feels and exudes luxuriousness.  The texture itself is extremely lush and hydrating and almost feels like a blend of OCC’s Lip Tar mixed with lip balm.  I was quite surprised because for a lip color of this texture and moisturizing capability, the color is very rich and true to what you see in the tube.  

Lately (well kinda equates to the last 2 years), I’ve been on this bold lip color kick which is why I opted for  #12 Corail Incadescent (pictured).   This color is a much more sheer, but not that sheer, version of OCC’s Lip Tar in Harlot, which I’ve been obsessed with since 2011!

For value, it costs a pretty penny at $34 per tube, which is $12-20 more than other lipsticks currently on the market but pretty comparable to other luxury brand products.

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine




Product Review | Rubis Tweezers


I get asked all the time what my favorite tweezers are and every time I answer Rubis Slanted Tweezers.   I’m on my 3rd one now and not because the quality starts to fade but I just happened to lose a pair and the other pair went into my makeup kit.

These tweezers grab even the finest and shortest of hairs.   The edges are very sharp and precise it may cut the hair but if you grab and pull in the direction of the hair growth you should be fine.  Also, be careful and do not drop… if the tweezers land on the wrong edge it may cause it to to bend making them virtually useless.  You can send them in to get it repaired but I just used a knife sharpener and it seemed to do the trick.

Available on Amazon 

Happy Tweezing!

Keep it real.



Product Review | Hair Tools


As well as makeup, I also style hair (I don’t cut or color).   The key to styling hair is having the right tools.   The biggest investments in my hair kit, a side from the bottles of hair spray I go through, is my Mason Pearson hair brush, Ibiza round brushes and Croc blow dryer.

Croc Blow Dryer //  Light weight, quiet, lots of power, 3 heat settings, 3 power settings, includes 2 concentrator nozzles.   Once you’ve had a taste of a nice blow dryer,  you won’t go to back. Promise.

Mason Pearson Brush // smooths  texture, great for smoothing waves, bristles gets through to the scalp, great for teasing.  Simply amazing.   It took me 2+ years before  I actually bit the bullet and purchased this brush.  A long the way I bought a couple of knock offs and it just didn’t provide the results I needed.  I should’ve bought it long, long time ago.

Ibiza Round Brush // bristles really grip the hair which is great for smooth blow outs and volume.  This was brush was actually introduced to me through my long time friend and hair stylist , Garret.  Since he’s a professional and he used and has many of their brushes, it must be good.  I’m glad to have followed through on my assumptions.

*LOTD (Lesson of the Day):  bite the bullet and invest in good tools.  Tools are an investment.  Instead of buying lots of tools that break, bristles that shed or just doesn’t give you the results you need, great tools can be a workhorse  you’ll have them for many, many years.   Remember, good tools provides good results.

keep it real.



Benefit Cosmetics Grand Opening

Last night I had the great pleasure of attending the grand opening party for Benefit Cosmetic’s new San Francisco Flagship store.


The night started off with some bubbly.


Live demos going on by one of their artist


The cutest Belvedere Lemonade cocktails


My kryptonite! FALSE Lashes!



some of my favorite products on display


Lipstick speaks louder than words :)

IMG_6249  IMG_6252

The party’s gotta have some music


July 30th is officially Benefit Cosmetics day in San Franisco




The ribbon cutting to officially launch the opening.

* Fun Fact: Benetint was originally created when a stripper walked into the store looking for something to make her nipples look more rosy.  The Benefit sisters, and founders,  asked the stripper to return the next as they would surely have something for her.  After a night of experimenting, the sisters had made a concoction of rose petals.  When the stripper returned the next day, the nipple tint was a big hit! That’s the story of how Benetint was born.

Be sure to check out the location & their full list of services!

Benefit Cosmetics  & Brow Bar    

262 Sutter (at Grant) San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 749- 9073

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Feature | The Refined Women

Check out my feature on how to approach makeup like fashion on The Refined Woman blog!

The Refined Woman

Thanks Kat & Em for having be apart of your wonderful blog!


5 Summer Essentials

Summer’s here and we are always looking for ways to minimize our makeup routine without compromising a put together look. Here are my 5 must have essentials to get you through this summer sunkissed and effortlessly.

5 summer essentials

1) Stila’s Convertible color in Fuchsia is the best way to create natural flushed cheeks but you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at it.  It’s bright color is a bit shocking so build slowly because a little goes a long way.

2) Stila’s Stay All Day BB Cream is the only BB cream I’ve found that isn’t chalky and gray and it blends in beautifully to the skin.

3) Nar’s Multi-use stick in Palm Beach has been my “AHA” product of the summer. This product has a rich golden color that goes on sheer. It’s perfect as a quick eye shadow, contouring and a beautiful summer glow.

4) Benefit’s High Beam has been a staple in my kit since discovering it. It’s perfect to use just as a highlighter but more recently I’ve be mixing it in with a BB cream to create a lovely dewiness. This combo has actually helped me to eliminate foundation from my daily makeup routine.

5) Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray is great in creating texture as if you’ve been at the beach all day. Apply a bit on the roots for a little body or all over for a easy piece-y locks.



Product Review / Pond’s Cold Cream

I love finding great products. What I love more than finding great products is finding them at every single drugstore! I remember growing up and always seeing this on my mom’s vanity… next to her Coty powder. Now, I find myself seeing this on my own vanity (well, the bathroom counter). I love this product because it works great as a massage cream & makeup remover… it even removes the most stubborn of eye makeups.

To use, get a 2 finger scoop and massage it all over the face using a circular motion, on the cheeks, around the eyes… keep massaging until you feel the makeup breaking down. As you keep massaging, you’ll notice the texture of the cream change into an oilier consistency. Personally, I like to massage it for at least 5 minutes and wipe off with either a baby wipe or warm washcloth. When using the warm washcloth, I like to cover my face with it, for about 10 seconds or until the cloth cools down, to allow the steam to open up my pores. I follow it  up with a gentle cleanser, toner, essence and moisturizer. The next morning, I’m usually greeted with soft supple skin!




Ponds Cold Cream ($5-7)


Giorgio Armani – Eyes to Kill

Thickens & lengthens my sparse stubby lashes… I’d say we have a winner.


Available at Nordstorms & Giorgio Armani - $30


Shiseido – Perfect foundation brush

Believe the hype.

In the recent months, there have been a ton of buzz around this little brush.   It’s dense soft bristles make it versatile for all formulations… liquid, cream & powder.    

My problem with other foundation brushes is they leave streaks and stipling brushes sometimes doesn’t lay an even coverage so it usually requires the use of my fingers. With the Shiseido PFB, the densely packed bristles pick up a generus amount of foundation and it lays on streakless free application.   The coverage is similar to the beauty blender and everyone knows how much I love the Beauty Blender.

The only issue i had was that because the bristles are so tightly packed, cleaning can be a bit difficult. 

To use:  Use the brush to pick up the foundation, using a dab dab motion lay the foundation on the center of the face (underneath the eye and cheeks) and then fan out.   Repeat on areas that need more coverage.



Available at Nordstroms – $30


Laura Mercier – Luxe Eye Portfolio

It has all the colors you will ever need packaged in one beautiful palette ,complete with 3 essential brushes.

I was in the market for a new palette and brushes. If I purchase something and I LOVE it, it generally gets thrown into my kit and I am usually left odd ends and pieces  in my personal kit.  My new palette needed to have a variety of colors both containing matte and shimmery colors but not too much sparkle. 
I first purchased the NAKED Palette by Urban Decay because of the rave reviews but wasn’t quite impressed with the colors.   The colors were too gray and sparkly for my taste.  I do love my shimmer but not sparkle.  I also like my  browns to have a hint of red to make it look less muddy.  The Luxe Eye Portfolio contains a nice range  of colors to achieve my smokey, wide bright, fresh, natural and my sun kissed sultry eyes.  It also contains all the brushes anyone will ever need;  crease, smudge and blending brushes.    Which was exactly what I was in the market for.  Keep in mind, each brush alone is $20-30 and each color is usually $18-$20 but this all inclusive set is only $98!  And it’s always a bonus when the packaging is outstanding.   

This set will make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the makeup novice
Tip:  You can use a wet liner brush to use these colors as eyeliner.








Available for a limited time only  at Nordstroms & Laura Mercier  - $98


Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel

I first heard of this product from a client.  She raved about how it got everything off even eye makeup.  Naturally, I had to test it out for myself. Yes, it does get off EVERYTHING!  Even my Lasting Lift Mascara by Shiseido and nothing gets that stuff off.  If you are like me and want to reduce your daily skin care routine, this stuff is perfect because you don’t have to deal with both an eye makeup remover and cleanser.  

The verdict? It does tend to be a bit drying so it would work perfectly on oilier skin types.  For drier skin types, it maybe a bit harsh so following it up with a hydrating toner and moisturizer is recommended.   I follow it up with Shiseido’s Eudormine & La Mer Moisturizing Cream and it seems to work perfectly.


Available at Neostrata  - $28  


Let’s see what the hype is about!




New obsession- NARS heat wave



Recently bought this for my personal kit. Love!



Switched out my MAC brush belt for the @MAKEUPFOREVERUS brush book. Loving it so far!



Shielo Hydrate hair care system

I naturally have very frizzy hair and with my current hair cut it poofs out when it dries.  Not a good look…. at all. 

Recently, I tried Shielo ’s Hydrate hair care system along with their Antioxidant leave-in protectant and I must say, it’s pretty good stuff.    Below is a picture of my hair after it’s been washed, conditioned and a few sprays of the leave in protectant… I’ve done nothing to my hair other than letting it dry.   I failed to take a picture of my hair sans Shielo’s hair care system. I will be posting another picture of my “before” hair.  In the meantime, enjoy my “after” hair.
Excuse the huge pimple on my chin.






Available at Shielo -  Shampoo $22.49 $15.74   Conditioner $22.49   Leave-in Protectant $19.99
Love & Lipgloss,

<3 Jane


NARS | Night Series Collection

NARS did it again…  All your favorite smokey shades, and mine too,  brought to you in one simple palette.  

Night Flight, Night Porter, Night Breed, Night Rider, Night Clubbing, Night Star

Available online at NARS  - $55 ( vs $23 for each shade) + 2 day free shipping


Stila – BOGO

Buy one get one free tinted moisturizer…


Available at Stila


Illamasqua Summer Sale

Up to 65% off on limited products.  Happy Shopping.


Shop at Illamasqua


MAC’s Prime Focus


Shop the collection at MAC - Available NOW.


Laura Mercier Smokey Eye Collection

I love a good smokey eye.


Available now at Laura Mercier  - 3 samples free with every order


Smashbox Photofinish Primer

Because it’s just good stuff.  Reduces the fine lines, pores and helps foundation go that much further.  

To apply:  Using your fingers,  apply a small drop size amount all over your face.  Use underneath foundation or by itself.


Available at Smashbox & Sephora  - $16, $36 & $49.  

(If your unsure which size to buy, always start off with a smaller size to make sure you like it.  Plus it travels easier)


Tarte Cosmetics friends&family

Friends and Family sale going on now at Tarte .  30% off on all orders.  Run don’t walk.



Too Faced – Beach Bunny CA in a compact

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m hardly ever without my NARS Laguna Bronzer and it’s been a staple in my kit for several, several years.  However this season,  I felt like trying something new.  So when I was at Naimie’s for my semi-annual product binge, I tested tons of bronzers and landed on this winner.  It gives great color and slightly more sheen than my Laguna. 

To apply:  Use a large powder or bronzing brush and lightly dust the bronzer starting from the outer areas of the face, cheek bones, jawline  and  working inward.  Avoid applying around the eyes and directly on the lid, bridge of the nose and along the tip (generally where highlighter would be used).


Available at Sephora & Too Faced  $29