How did we get so lucky?

On Friday July 15, 2016 at 4:16pm, we welcomed a sweet crying baby boy into this world. Loki Theodore Pitiyanuvath, although he wouldn’t be named until several days later, graced the world at 36 weeks and 1 days young, weighing in at 5lbs 14oz and 18 inches long. Though he was considered small at birth he was pretty sizable for his term.

My pregnancy was a relatively easy one. No morning sickness. No heartburn. No gestational diabetes and no cankles. Whew.  However, at my 20 week ultrasound we discovered I had placenta previa, a condition where the placenta blocks the cervix.  If it didn’t move up the uterine wall then a c-section would be my only option. It wasn’t a problem until I reached about 33 weeks, when I had my first bleeding scare. As the baby grew, the weight placed too much pressure on my placenta thus causing it to bleed. The doctors told me if I had another bleeding scare an emergency c-section would be necessary. Then came 36 weeks + 1 day and another bleeding scare… so the early delivery came as a bit of a surprise but not a complete shock.

Quite honestly, I was hoping he’d baked for a jut a few more days. Literally, just 3 more days was all I needed to get through my jam packed baby-centric weekend. I still had my maternity session to shoot that day, my last wedding to finish up the following day and a very lovely baby shower planned by my sweet friends for the day after. Not to mention, I was hospitalized after my first bleeding scare which coincidentally the same weekend as my Orange County baby shower. Of course, the doctors had to follow protocol and advised me not to fly… for the rest of the pregnancy! In the end, I missed both beautifully planned showers.  All the celebratory events that come along with pregnancy, well I didn’t get to enjoy any of it (insert sad face :() .  I realized now that even before Loki breathed in his first air of oxygen, he was letting me know who was boss.

Loki: 4 ; Mama : 0

Sure I get bouts of sadness when I see others post about their baby showers and their maternity sessions, wishing I had done a better job of chronicling my pregnancy. It’s such a special time to be pregnant as a first time mom, not that the second or third time is any less special.  While the nuggets of memories would have been amazing to relish in for years to come, I’m also reminded how incredibly fortunate I am to have bore such a lovely healthy baby boy. I know some families don’t even get that chance.

Every time I look at him, I can’t help but think he is just so perfect. While the crying, constant feedings and diaper changes and golden showers are far from glamorous, every time I gaze down at my sweet baby boy’s face I find myself asking, how did we get so lucky?

*On a side note,  I highly recommend documenting the birth. We would’ve had our friend and photographer Gladys Jem in the delivery room but because we were in an operating room no additional people were allowed.  These images were shot the next day.  If you plan on having a c section, I recommend having the photographer shoot right after the surgery in the recovery room… as there special moments not to be missed.

Photography by Gladys Jem