Aging Gracefully

Lesbionest.  There will get to a point in one’s life where all the prayers and wishful thinking can only do so much.  Sometimes, we must take matters into our own hands, or our doctors hands by that matter. By this, I’m referring to the 5 letter word that starts with BO and ends with TOX.  Sadly, or luckily however you look at it, it’s become a part of the aging process.

Before I delve any further, for me, there is nothing attractive about a 50 year old woman trying to look 20.  I love a woman who ages gracefully instead of looking picked a part and over injected with the latest thing to pass the FDA. I’m not encouraging anyone to go out and get injected or go under the knife but I’m an avid believer of people doing what makes them feel good but in moderation… as long as it looks natural.

I have really bad frown lines between my brows, as you can tell by the picture below.  It’s bothered me for years.  I used to think it was so cool when people scowled… like they were really trying hard to concentrate. My mom repeatedly told me “you’re face will freeze that way”.  I was 10 at the time and what did she know?  I mean hell freezing over seem more probable than me hitting my 30s.  Fast forward 26 years and whadda ya know?  Her words rang true.

Luckily, much of the world has evolved since my pre-teen years.  The iPhone was invented. We can get anything at the swipe of a finger.  You can even get butt implants now! More importantly, a mild form of botulism has been reengineered, FDA passed and  commercially marketed as  “botox”.  All to my benefit.  I’ll admit there are people who go overboard and think it’s the fountain of youth.  It’s not. I strongly discourage over injecting but a few injections here and there to prevent creating or deepening existing lines, I’m all for!  I’ve posted images below from my session with Emily Sespaniak of Horton Spa.  For the time being, I don’t see myself treating other areas of my face.  Don’t worry, I have thought about it but I was advised against it, from two different professionals, saying it wouldn’t improve my overall features or looks so I passed.

Any who, Emily is amazing and so gentle. You barely feel a thing. I highly recommend going to her if you are in the SF area or surrounding parts.  They also provide a full list of services here 

botox -2

botox -1  botox -3 botox -4

For the follow up appointment, coincidentally I wore the same shirt!botox -10

Horton Spa (aka Dr. Karen Horton)

2100 Webster St #506, San Francisco, CA 94115