1.  I had an underground catering business just before I became a full fledged makeup artist.  Bing was one of my clients.
  2. When I was 4, I thought I was going to enter a chopstick competition because I was always praised for my amazing chopsticks skillz.
  3.  In 5th grade, I thought lesbian was an ethnicity.  Someone called me a lesbian to which I responded “nuh-uh! I’m Korean!”
  4. I may have had a goat as a pet at one point in time… don’t ask me what happened to it.
  5. I hate flavored coffee and creamer.
  6. I have a broken pinky.  It’ doesn’t bend.  People may mistake it for proper etiquette.
  7. I grew up in a single parent household with very limited resources.  In other words, we would fall in the pretty low income bracket but somehow my mom managed to always provide for us and have food on the table without going into debt. I feel most immigrant families grew up this way so it doesn’t impress me when someone strikes it big and suddenly they play up their past and play the “poor as dirt” card.
  8. I always order Coke with my combo meals.
  9. Facebook may have been the culprit that brought my husband and I together.
  10. I once grabbed Mark Wahlberg’s butt. He was standing amongst his entourage when I expertly maneuvered my hand through the busy crowd.I don’t think he was too happy about it …but I was.
  11. Bonus***  Justin Timberlake touched my back once and he whispered in my ear “excuse me”.  #swoon.