Makeup Workshop Pics!

I’m a bit late in posting this one but you know the wise old saying… better late than never!

Back in the December, I hosted a make-up workshop.  I must admit I’m not the public speaking kind. It was  nerve-racking at first but I powered through. I learned a lot about teaching a class and hope to make improvements for my next workshop. In all seriousness, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of attendees.  I hoped they learned a ton…  I know I did!

Thinking of teaching another workshop soon.  If interested, please leave a comment below.




theglamourist_workshop004 theglamourist_workshop005 theglamourist_workshop006 theglamourist_workshop018 theglamourist_workshop027 theglamourist_workshop034 theglamourist_workshop035 theglamourist_workshop043 theglamourist_workshop050 theglamourist_workshop052 theglamourist_workshop065 theglamourist_workshop066 theglamourist_workshop070 theglamourist_workshop076 theglamourist_workshop078 theglamourist_workshop088 theglamourist_workshop091 theglamourist_workshop068 theglamourist_workshop092


Photos by Gladys Jem