I’ve done the unthinkable!  After many years of loyal Makeup Forever HD Foundations usage, I have moved on. MUFEHD gave me a lot of good years but after much thought, I decided to test other foundations on the market. Think of this not so much as a  breakup but a “see you later” 🙂

My last visit to LA, I made a pit stop at Nigels Beauty Emporium for some “office supplies” and invested in the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation line. After reading many rave reviews, I thought I’d finally test it out for myself.  Since this is for my kit, I need my foundations to adapt to a wide range of skin types and not specific to just one. I need versatility for oily and dry skin.  It needs to be lightweight but offers coverage. I need wearability as well durability.

As of now, I’m pretty happy with the results.  The product itself is pretty light weight and finishes a bit matte compared to other foundations. If I need more dewiness, I just finish with a spray mist (AmorePacific and Tatcha offer some pretty amazing options).  While I’ve just recently started using these products, being that the line is still new to me, I have yet to test it on a wide range of skin types. With that said, I’m pretty happy with the product so far.

Good stuff doesn’t come cheap. A 0.71oz tube of foundation comes along with a hefty price tag of $62. While it’s not exactly a “steal”, I do recommend investing in a good foundations over other makeup products.

KGD foundation-1

KGD foundation-7KGD foundation-2  KGD foundation-4      KGD foundation-10

Koh Gen Do available at Barney’s + Sephora

To use:

1 / Prep skin with toner, moisturizer and primer.  A good makeup application always begins on clean and hydrated skin.  Dry skin types will tend to absorb too much product.

2 / Prime.  For longer wear, apply primer on the areas of the skin were makeup will be applied.  This help with the durability of the foundation.  Think of it as a base coat when applying nail polish.

3 / Apply foundation where coverage is needed.  Do not apply an even amount of foundation across the entire face. I mean, if you really want to go right ahead but if you don’t want to look like day old cake, apply on areas such as the center of the face, primarily  underneath the eyes, apples of the cheeks, chin and nose…. apply small amount using your fingers or a beauty blender and work the product out ward.

4/ Set.  Finish an application of foundation with a dusting of loose or pressed powder to keep it in place an absorb any excess oils.

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