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Although I am an SF resident, I’m a SoCal girl at heart.  I prefer palm trees, sun and blue skies over the chilling SF weather.  Where ever I may go in the world, home will always be LA, actually I grew up in OC but would never move back there… unless you love track homes, chain restaurants and establishments closing at 9pm.

So on my last visit to LA, it was a real treat to visit Griffith Observatory between meals. Yes, I  plan trips around meals.  From the expansive view of LA from downtown to Santa Monica, it was every bit comforting and equally nostalgic the memories this place brings of my brother and I running around doing the tours and learning about the galaxy. It was more special because I got to share this experience with my mom, who neither of us have been back for close to 15 years… actually, longer for her.

Grif Observ-16 Grif Observ-25 Grif Observ-26 Grif Observ-28 Grif Observ-36 Grif Observ-46

Hope all of you have a chance to visit someday!  The views are incredible.

Griffith Park Observatory
2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(213) 473-0800