In a world where social media rules our beloved internet, we are inundated with images from the newbie novices, successful professionals, eager enthusiasts and, our favorite, bigger-than-life bloggers.  Being truly original these days have become equivalent as… well … the cassette tape. I mean, in all honesty, it’s impossible for anybody to be “original” in a world where everything has been driven from some inspiration source or another (*ahem pinterest, instagram) It’s as easy as swiping your finger left to right or up and down. Those cookies you wanted to make, the floral arrangement you wanted to recreate, that outfit you put together or  the composition of that photo you just Instagrammed, I’m sure it’s all tucked away in a Pinboard somewhere, secret or not. And since we’re being real here,  how long did it really take to perfectly place those those rings on your desk or center that cup of coffee, or angle those peonies you just picked up from Trader Joes, or meticulously arrange your desk supplies and conveniently have the latest issue of  Porter Magazine neatly composed for you instagramming pleasure? I don’t know about you but my desk is always a mess, I get tired of cleaning up dead flowers and the trail I leave never seems be as beautifully edited and yes, I blew $10 on a magazine, because it seemed to be the cool thing to do, and still have yet to flip through the pages.

I’m no different from all of you. The moment I see In-N-Out on my newsfeed, I already have one foot out the door with my #2 with both onions, extra lettuce and chopped chili with a coke already rolling off my tongue. Or, secretly hoping that my tagging of so and so will get me a regram or a mention, still crossing fingers.  Or, bookmarking my next “investment” piece because Marissa Webb oh so effortlessly and chicly graced it. I mean really, she’s making Banana Republic cool again.  And already by my next swipe, I have my next bag, hat, jewelry and shoes all picked out and in a shopping cart just an email away.  Shopping my feed certainly has its perks…no need to trek through SF’s busiest tourist trap, park, pay an exorbitant amount on parking fees nor scour the racks only to come up empty handed and hours wasted.

Since we’re on that topic anyway, keeping up with society in an era where everyone is a marketing outlet and always pushing something… a brand, a product or this and that. And as a consumer, we get in fed into the glitz and bling, still hoping to get regrammed, and, just when we thought we have everything we ever wanted, with each swipe of our feed suddenly we are left wanting more and more…and more.  Honestly, it really becomes overwhelming as a consumer to compete with or emulate the people we follow.  I mean when you’re scrolling your feed, while at a job you despise so much, and see your #instafamous idol swimming with dolphins while completely decked out in a Dolce & Gabanna swimsuit complete with 10 pounds of jewelry and a decorative headpiece, you have to settle for the crystal clear waters as the wall paper on your laptop.

Slooooowly…. feel… the… inadequacy…. sink in.

I’m sure the thought “my life is really uncool” have come to mind on an occasion or two. But, really, who in real life does that? 10 pounds of jewelry to go to the beach? Can you imagine the horrible tan lines it leaves behind? Or the effort to take it off before you take a dip in the water? In all seriousness, how do keep up with people who are being gifted thousands of dollars of merchandise or an all expensed first class vacations that they otherwise wouldn’t pay for? You simply can’t. Well.. unless your the RKOBH.  Oh to be young, funemployed and to have whoseits and whatsits galore! Those, HERMES, thingamabobs? I’ll take 20… in every color!  But the real world awaits with bill, bills, bills and all the fun perks of adulthood that go far beyond driving and drinking at 21, not together of course.

So before you go and start feeling bad about yourself and comparing yourself to the likes of these designer clad social media moguls, if you are reading this post you must have a phone or a computer… your life can’t be that bad.  Feel free to joint me in my my perfect dream world where cheeseburgers go straight to the boob, Saint Laurent shoes will be free, Chanel will have biannual pricing decreases and Isabel Marant would not just be gifted to bloggers.  Until then…just don’t judge me when I’m unable to drop $90 on a Diptyque candle or score the latest Chloe footwear, please understand that this real life girl is still stuck in last season and still praying for the Susannas to go on sale.


because a post isn’t complete until there is fancy shoes involved


photo by Katie Parra


DISCLAIMER: i’m blessed beyond belief and feel fortunate for the life i live. i hope in no way does anyone think i’m ungrateful or unappreciative of my life. i have a lot to be thankful for. peace.