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How lucky am I to bid adieu to a great summer season amongst wonderful friends and this gorgeous mountainous backdrop.  This past weekend was every bit perfection as we kicked off each morning with mimosas, beautiful lake views and scenic bike rides to the local store.  There was even a crowd source Tinder swiping session on the big screen TV complete with unfiltered commentary. Very entertaining.  And, for just a fleeting moment, this city girl thought to herself “hey, I can get used to this life”.  But as the summer slowly began to escape us and as the sun laid to rest that evening,  we were met by mother nature’s cold breezy touch and beautiful aromatic scents that welcomed us perfectly into fall.

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Swimsuit: Triangl // Overalls: Zara (similar here) // Tank: Isabel Marant x HM (similar here) // Sweater:  Uniqlo (similar here)  //  Sunnies:  Raybans

*POOF* and summer is gone just like the, cold autumn, wind.

Photos by Kayla Vie