(praying that the fine folks at Benefit Cosmetics do not read this post)

While I love most things Benefit, this was certainly not one of them. When I buy a product, I really want to like it.  I really do.  I love makeup. I love experimenting with it. I love buying it. However, with this particular item and all the buzz surrounding it I had really high hopes. I mean with the success of High Beam, They’re Real Mascara, CoralistaPorfessional.. I mean the list can go on and on.

They’re Real Push Up Liner is, as the name suggests, a pushup gel liner in the form of a pen that’s suppose to be smudge and waterproof. While the idea behind it was inventive, I think somewhere between idea and execution something fell a bit short. Not to toot my own horn (toot, toot!)  but I would say I’m someone who is pretty skilled at applying eyeliner. Now, if it takes me a few tries to get accustomed to the product and a few more tries to actually to create a smooth line, I can’t imagine what it would be like for an average consumer, who is less skilled at applying makeup especially eyeliner. Initially, the product comes out a bit clumpy and a takes a few swipes on your hand to smooth out by which time you’ve already wasted a lot of product. Perhaps, if they replaced the rubber tip with a  built in brush it would create a more seamless and smooth result. Additionally, the staying power was underwhelming. In a matter of a few hours, from breakfast to lunch to be exact, the liner was everywhere but on my upper eyelid.

Lets just say if you perusing the aisles of  Sephora in search of a pen liner,  keep on walking past Benefit and go straight towards Stila’ Stay All Day liners.

Benefit liner-1  Benefit liner-3 Benefit liner-4 Benefit liner-5

 “may the wings of your eyeliner always be even” –

someone on the internet