Circle Lens-1 jane_075  jane_076

Compare the two eyes… the left eye w/ circle lens and the right w/ojane_077

Both eyes with circle lensjane_080  jane_079 

Circle lenses are a hot trend in Asia so I picked up a pair in Seoul.  They had a pretty wide price range to choose from, the more expensive options costs up to $80.  I was told the main difference was the comfortability but since I wasn’t sure how I often I would be sporting these, I opted for the cheaper pair, which cost just less than $10 (usd).   After trying them on for the first time, I kind of wish I had sprung for the more expensive option since the pair I picked up were quite uncomfortable. Keep in mind, that I don’t wear glasses or contacts, so having something foreign laying on top of my eyeballs does take some getting use to.

Verdict? While I do like the look on certain people and it does make my eyes look bigger, it still looks pretty abnormal for me. I’d say they are fun to wear occasionally especially with heavier eye makeup to balance the look.