Tutorial | Etude House Strawberry Foam Rollers

How adorable are these strawberry foam rollers from Etude House that  I picked up in Korea?   These rollers are so fun  and easy that i decided to do a step by step tutorial! Etude House Strawberry-2Etude House Strawberry-4

1) Start with semi-damp hair.  For better hold,  apply a bit of mousse all over the hair.jane_084 

2) Grab small sections and begin twisting.jane_086

3) I like to place the roller closer to the root and being wrapping the hair into the roller.  When done wrapping, make sure the roller is secure otherwise use a pin to hold the roller in place.jane_087

4) Continue this step until all hair has been place in the rollers.jane_088 jane_090

5)  Set it and forget it. Because the hair was damp, it may take some time to dry.  Try doing this at night or at the very beginning stage of your getting ready process.  Otherwise, use blow dryer to speed up the drying process


6) Remove the rollers. If you find the waves to be too curly, use a your hands and smooth out the hair by running your fingers through it.jane_095 

7) To finish the look, using a texturizing or smoothing product to smooth out the ends.  jane_097

8) Voila! Beautiful wavy locks and you didn’t have to burn a finger to get it!jane_093   

Photos courtesy of Gladys Jem

Etude House

Til next time… #keepitrealyo