Skincare System

On my last trip to Seoul, I realized that I really needed to step up my skincare game.  Skincare in Asia is no joke!  In the States, woman are concerned less about taking care of their skin and more about products that go on top of their skin to conceal it. Beautiful porcelain skin is highly sought after in Asia and many women go to great lengths to achieve it whether it be with laser treatments, products, facials or any advanced new technology available on the market.  But for a much cheaper, and less invasive, option many women opt for the over-the-counter solution which, typically, involves an 8-10 step routine of cleansers, oils, toners, creams, serums, patches and masks all promising, and marketing towards, the key words… whitening, brightening, collagen boosting, age defying, radiant, dewy, youthful glow.   When you’re caught in the thick of it, it’s hard not to fall victim to the promise of perfection and Fountain of Youth results. jane_003

Photo by Gladys Jem

Pictured above is my new and improved skincare regimen day & night!


1.  SKII Toner  /  2. SKII Facial Treatment Essence  /  3: SKII Facelift Emulsion /  4: SKII Eye Cream  /  5: AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Serum /  6:  Etude House CC Cream /  7: Etude House BB Cream /  8: AmorePacific CC cream


1: Ponds Cold Cream  / 2.  SKII Toner  /  3. SKII Facial Treatment Essence  /  3: SKII cream /  4: SKII Eye Cream  /  5: AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Serum /  6:  Etude House Collagen Gel Eye Patch (twice a week)  /  7:  The Face Shop Sheet Masks (twice a week)  /  8:  The Face Shop pimple patches (on need for basis)

P.S. I have been very happy with the results of the new skincare system. My skin as been much smoother and supple.