Product Review | The Face Shop mascara + brows

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The Face Shop  Clear Mascara +  Design My Brows

The Face Shop is one of my favorite cosmetics stores in Korea.  The line is VERY affordable and their outlets can be found everywhere in Korea. They offer wide range of products from cosmetics, skincare, nail care and beauty tools.  It’s very popular amongst women of all ages and even a great deal of men use their skincare systems and cosmetics.

On my recent trip, I discovered my favorite eyebrow pencil of all time!  The angled pencil creates a brush like stroke which leaves powder-like results. I usually use a 2- step system, brush and shadow to create a full natural look for the front part of my brows and then a pencil to shape and define the ends of my brows usually that shadows aren’t able to achieve.   Now, my 2-step system is whittled down to just 1.  I’m  always a fan of using less steps, products and saving time!

Quick Tip:  Clear mascara is great to tame brows and lashes. However, another great use of clear mascara is to use as a sealant for eyeliner and shadow.  This trick helps prevent, the unattractive, running and smudging of eye makeup.  It’s important to use sparingly as too much can cause it to flake.

Until next time!