Product Review | Hakuhodo Brushes

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S113   S111  S121G (Brushes pictured)

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On my trip to Japan, I stopped by the Hakuhodo counter at Mitshukoshi Department Store in Ginza, Tokyo.

These brushes are quite luxurious and the bristles are ultra soft to the touch.  They had 3 different lines to choose from ranging from a basic line all the way to their flagship line, the S-series.   I grabbed a few brushes from the S-series line which is mostly made of goat hair bristles and a few made of squirrel.  The wooden handle is painted in a beautiful vermillion color, which is said to be a traditional Japanese color, and plated in 24 carat gold.

My Hakuhodo brushes are some of my favorites of all time, words don’t do enough justice when it comes to describing how soft the bristles are.  However, I do have a single issue with some of the brushes.  It’s only the case with the a couple of the brushes I own but when I wash it in water the dye tends to bleed leaving a big stain on  the my towel.  The dye does come off in the wash, however, it’s not an issue I want to be dealing with.  Nonetheless, these brushes are great! If you can stand a little dye bleeding on your town and you’ll be very happy with these  these brushes.