Product Review | Molton Brown Lip Saver

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Those that know me know that I’ve been a die hard Kiehl’s Lip Balm fan since the moment it laid a big fat one on my parched lips.  But after I lost my 3rd new tube, in a matter of weeks, I found myself rummaging fanatically through my makeup drawer for something, ANYTHING, that would relieve me of my worst case of chapped lips since… forever!

Voila! I must’ve received it in a swag bag, once upon a time, because i haven’t the faintest memory of buying it. But, as soon as my lips touched this magically delicious potion, it danced for joy! The texture is a bit thicker than my once beloved Kiehls, and, dare I say, more healing?  Since it’s not as thin as the Kiehls, it lasts much longer on the lips.

A full size tube will set you back $18.   And just like the number of other lip balms I failed to locate, I eventually lost that one too. Luckily for me, I have awesome friends.  In fact, so awesome that they bought be a new one (pictured)!

Molton Brown Lip Saver