Tokyo Trip

After Seoul, we hopped on over to Tokyo join my hubby on his work trip.  Unfortunately, his flight was canceled so he arrived 3 days later than planned. I must say it was  quite an adjustment going from Seoul to Tokyo. There was a lot of modern conveniences that we had gotten accustomed to in Seoul which wasn’t exactly available for us in Tokyo.  Nonetheless, our agenda is always food and we were quite happy with the places we dined at.  What’s unique about Japanese cuisine and restaurants is that a chef will specialize in one dish and spend 20, or sometimes 30+, years mastering it… whether it’s sushi, tonkatsu, ramen, udon or soba.  What’s so humbling is,  if you ask these masters if they feel like they’ve perfected their dish they’ll most commonly answer that it will never reach perfection.

Maisen Aoyama for some amazing tonkatsu!Japan 2014-1

Japan 2014-8

Hanging in HarajukuJapan 2014-13

Busiest cross walk in the world. Photo taken at the busiest Starbucks in the world.Japan 2014-29    

Shibuya night

Japan 2014-43  

Udon Dinner

Japan 2014-51

My favorite place in Tokyo was Ueno Park.  It’s reminiscent of Dongdaemun Japan 2014-53Japan 2014-54Japan 2014-55Japan 2014-56Japan 2014-58Japan 2014-62  Japan 2014-78

signs of spring

Japan 2014-89Japan 2014-93 

Harajuku gate

 Japan 2014-97

Daisen Haurmi… true edo style sushi experience.Japan 2014-98 

My favorite tonkatsu at  ButagumiJapan 2014-136Japan 2014-138

and it was all just a blurJapan 2014-139