Seoulful Days- Part 2

I am so envious of people who take great travel photos. I stress a lot when taking a photo because I’m unsure if i’m taking a food  good photo and often times the subject is out of focus. Oh well, I heard soft focus is the trend now. Hope you enjoy the 2nd part of my Korea trip… we did a lot more eating!  It’s been a week and I already miss Seoul so much!

Seoul 2+-1Seoul 2+-8

Night shopping in DongdaemunSeoul 2+-10

Favorite new storeSeoul 3+-10

Seoul 2+-41Seoul 2+-42

another favorite meal… raw crab marinated in soy sauce.  heavenly.Seoul 2+-109

this is my favorite photo that I took.  Seoul 2+-118

More street food!

Seoul 2+-130


Seoul 2+-136

in the popuar food alleys, its common that the restaurants cook the main dish outside.  this was the fish alley we visited in Dongdaemun.Seoul 2+-140  Seoul 2+-148

Seoul 2+-142Seoul 2+-180Seoul 2+-190Seoul 2+-195

My favorite hodduk! The shell was crispy like a cracker and the inside had a thin layer of brown sugar.  It was much lighter than the fried ones I’m used to. I couldn’t find it after this :(

Seoul 2+-196

trinkets in Insadong

Seoul 2+-197Seoul 2+-204Seoul 2+-206Seoul 2+-213

views in Itaewon

Seoul 3+-18Seoul 3+-23Seoul 3+-26Seoul 3+-28

an old school fruit vendor

Seoul 3+-30Seoul 3+-31

a parade at the Noryangjin fish marketSeoul 3+-43

the daily selection

Seoul 3+-44Seoul 3+-50

Seoul 3+-80

Lunch…seriously fresh

Seoul 3+-51Seoul 3+-62Seoul 3+-63 

One of my favorite meals Seoul 3+-74 

our fish monger enjoy their lunch

Seoul 3+-77 

This sums up Korea.  Well… mostly :)  Tune in for my Japan pics!