Seoulful Days – Part 1

I’m not one for sightseeing or major tourist attractions.  Instead, I much prefer gorging myself on the local fare and experiencing what foods truly makes that particular city or region unique.   On this trip, I side stepped most of the tourist destinations, I’d be lying if I say I didn’t get some shopping in, and visited night markets, street markets, food alleys and ate up as much street food as my belly would allow… enjoy!

Always maintain a good skincare routine when traveling especially in extreme weather changes.

Seoul Day 1-1

Chili pepper vendor… lots of of chili powered for your choosingSeoul Day 1-8

Love street food… this was a hot dog wrapped in fish cake and deep friedSeoul Day 1-11

Strawberries in Korea are insanely delicious and juicy Seoul Day 1-14

This food alley was truly an experience.  All the stalls sell the same foods but what makes this place fun are the aggressive food hawkers, who literally grab you by the hand and make you sit down at their stallSeoul Day 1-20

Korea would be lost without scissors

Seoul Day 1-24

Stacks of trays with banchan already assorted and ready to go out for delivery.  Delivery in Korea is so unique, they use dishes they would use in the restaurant instead of to-go containers.  Then someone from the restaurant swings by later and picks up the dishes.Seoul Day 1-27

Korea’s version of a farmers market

Seoul Day 1-30

The dried fish monger’s inventory of the day

Seoul Day 1-29Seoul Day 1-42

Gwangjang Market was my favorite place that I visited! Its endless aisles housed various vendors from fabric, shoes, vintage shops and tons and tons of food!

Seoul 2+-18


Seoul 2+-164 Seoul 2+-162 Seoul 2+-156 Seoul 2+-153 \  Seoul 2+-146 Seoul 2+-21  Seoul 2+-16

Not quite Saks but it’ll do.Seoul 2+-173

Part 2 coming soon!