a message for new artists…

Message to young, budding artists (makeup or non)…

I know you’re starting off in your career and you’re very green. You want to take all the opportunities you can, paid or TFP, thinking that building a portfolio is better than not. I’m sure you’re perusing through all your favorite artists’ sites, fan pages and blogs admiring all their high fashion work on KateGisele and the Kardashians (not an example I really wanted to use) and drooling over their gorgeous fashion spreads for VOGUEBAZAAR and ALLURE. No, you’re not on first name basis with Anna Wintour and probably never will be. You follow their tweets to get a glimpse in to their lives then quickly realize you’re the outsider looking in. Suddenly, you’re right back in high school and nothing’s changed… The cool clique still keep amongst themselves and you’re eating lunch all by your lonesome. Reality sinks in and now you’re depressed that your career is where it’s at and not where theirs is at. The comparison begins. Then follows, self-doubt, drop in self-esteem and then questioning your talent, experience and business. You think to yourself, you’re never going to make it.

I’m guilty of all of the above.

All the emotions that you’ve felt, the self-doubt, questioning your talent, the pity… all that stuff comes with the territory. You’re not alone. Your career will get there someday, probably not in ways you’d expect, like mine, but someday it will. Billy B didn’t catapult himself into this amazing career right off the bat… For many, many many years, and I’m sure even now , he has had his ups and downs, money issues, emotional roller coasters and his issues with the industry… everyone, unless you’re Nars’s offspring, starts off on the same foot.

My advice to you as a budding, young makeup artist…

Last year, I listened in on a talk by Billy B, famously known for his work on Lady Gaga and Missy Elliott, he, even with his flourishing career, guest appearances and reality show, still went through all the trial and tribulations as everyone else. Naturally… he’s human! Even as a successful artist, he still gets rushed backstage from directors, photographers and stylists to hurry up. He’s just a fraction of a whole vision that gets brought to life.

If there is a will there is a way… make sure you find your way.