Back to basics…

New York, London and Paris fashion week has come and gone and now fashion media outlets are inundating us with edgy trends, electrifying hues and eclectic textures.  As we all know feather lashes, bright bold liners  and sequin adorned eyes might look uber chic on the runways but the reality is that everyday woman with more than everyday schedules will not leave the house looking as daring. Let’s be real.    

Updating your spring look should be no different from updating your spring wardrobe.   The general  rule of thumb in fashion, interior design and all style driven industries  has been and always will be  invest in good basics.   Whether it’s a neutral couch paired with yellow chevron throw pillows or the basic white tee & black blazer paired with a fluorescent yellow scarf it’s certainly not any different than two coats of mascara paired with fuchsia statement lips.
This season, update your spring look with these simple tips:

*Start with the  basics.  Investing in great products you use every day is a start.  I recommend getting the foundation that feels like your 2nd skin or the perfect non-smudging eye liner or even the volumizing mascara that also lengthens.  1, 2, 5,  or even 20 years down the line, regardless of your age and trends , these items will still be in your makeup bag… assuming it doesn’t get discontinued :)
* Put your money where your mouth is.  Bright red skinny jeans, cobalt blue stilettos and fuchsia sweaters are all the rage but what if you aren’t feeling so daring?  If you aren’t comfortable donning these hip colors why not add that perfect pop of color to your lips? It’ll brighten up your look instantly and it’s even the easiest item of makeup to put on!  This is also the cheaper route when trying keep update to date with the ever changing fashions.  $20 lipstick vs $200 designer skinny jeans you’ll throw out next season? hmmm…

*Let your fingers do the talking.  If lipstick is even too daring for you, painting your nails that bright sherbet orange or sea foam green may just be the right amount of color you need without drawing too much attention.   Every time you look at your hands & feet, you can’t help feel refreshed. 
Have fun and remember trendy looks come and go, horribly bad (like the 80s), but great basics will always stand the test of time.

Givenchy SS2012 via Style
Dior Haute Couture SS2012 via Style

A timeless wearable look at  Diane Von Furstenburg via becauselondon