After an overindulgent Thanksgiving weekend followed up with a  meat fest at Fogo De Chao, I was feeling extremely gross.  For almost two weeks, I was constantly feeling bloated, irregular and very sluggish.  I knew I had to do something extreme and quick if I wanted to rid my body of this nasty feeling. My two options were extreme excercising or drastically change my diet.  Considering my sluggish state of mind which also results in not wanting to exercise, I decided to go on a detox.  My friend , Angie, had recently gone through a detox and raved about it’s affects.  So I picked up  the 7 Day Total Nutritional Cleanse (pictured below)  at my local Whole Foods and was ready take the plunge.  A major reason why I chose this one in particular was because it was only 7 days long and allowed light meals for dinner, plus it’s very affordable compared to the other detox programs available online.  Also, most detoxes requires about 2 weeks and no solid foods which were both not an option. The last time I attempted the Master Cleanse I only made it untill lunch time, I knew I would have to ease into something that was realistic for me to complete.

Truthfully, the first 4 days were very hard.  I was still very tired, low energy and had nagging headaches, plus the first 4 days the thought of food  was still VERY tempting.   Starting the 5th day,  I began to notice I had more energy began to feel lighter (I was acutally losing about a pound per day).  Plus for me, I have to mentally prepare myself – get to the midway point then the countdown to the finishline begins.

The program is broken up into two different sections the Revitalx & Detoxitech.   I suppose the first half of the program revitalizes your intestinal organs and the latter is the acutal detoxing process.  Honestly, the shakes are gag-worthy and the pills are obscenely huge, I’m not much of a pill taker, but the results are worth the gag-worthy- shakes ( actually, the revitalx is ok but the detoxitech is really gross).  I also recommend starting the program when you are home for about 3 days  and don’t have plans.   Working during the first 3 days is extremely hard on this detox.  After discussing with Angie about her experience, we both experienced that we couldn’t really hold a conversation or communicate clear thoughts.


Available at Whole Foods – $39.99

What I’ve noticed since being on the detox:

Lots of energy – I felt more energy than I have in a very long time (even without any caffeine)

Not groggy/moody in the mornings  (visnu noticed this one)

Mind feels clear

Regular bowel movements

No more bloating

No burping, growling stomach and indigestion

Motivated to eat and be healthy

Lost 7 pounds!

The detox was exactly the kick in the butt that I needed.    I now feel like I can do anything!  I actually want to go on a juice detox in the new year!

Love & detox,