You can’t please them all…

Recently, I received my first one-star review on Yelp.  Admittedly, my heart sank as I read line by line as this reviewer criticized my every move.  I couldn’t help but feel like a horrible person, a terrible business owner and more importantly it made me doubt myself as an artist.  

I always try to do to my best to connect with my clients.  This one was no different.  During the trial session, we talked and laughed.  I even chatted up with her mother, who she brought along to our session, about her hometown and my favorite eats in the area.  I don’t know what I had done differently this time around.  Perhaps, she just wanted to be WOWed, who knows?  

In the review, she mentions she let me have free reign on makeup but sometimes no direction is not always better than some or even lots of direction.   Makeup can be a very powerful tool but it’s also a very personal thing.   Some women might like a lot of makeup and others feel it masks who they are. But as a makeup artist, we are not mind readers especially with brides.  For a photoshoot or a production gig, we are given direction from the director, producer or the photographer on how a person needs to be portrayed.  With brides, everyone has different tastes, different knowledge and just different experiences when it comes to makeup. But if we aren’t given a vision, its hard to know what will or will not please the client.  Most of the time, people do not have a clear vision on how they want to look but with no clear vision it’s hard to know which direction to go.  Most often times, my clients give me a mood they want to feel or a look they want to give off and I’ll execute it to the tee. Apparently in this case, I missed… even though I thought she looked great.

My only wish was that if this client felt uncomfortable about the makeup and her experience, I wish she would have voiced her concerns instead of holding them in and insisting she was ok with it.   I would’ve done by best to ease her concerns and suggest we to do another look.  I don’t take offense to feedback  At the end of the day, I just want my clients to be happy and feel confident.

My suggestion to future clients inquiring about services or any future brides seeking a trial session, please make sure to communicate. Communication in all relationships is key, especially between artist and client.  Communicate all your dislikes and likes, if you don’t like the service or if you don’t like the look, communicate as much as possible.   Although an artist may be known for their fabulous work it doesn’t mean that you just sit back and expect them to wow you.  The trial session is a collaboration between the artist and bride.   This is your chance to work collectively to acheived your ultimate look.   Clearly explain your concerns, likes, dislikes and overall vision of your event and how you want to look. Trial sessions aren’t cheap so make sure to your maximize the session to it’s fullest potential. 

This has been a humbling experience to say the least.  However, instead of treating this as though it’s life threatening, I’ll walk away with from it as a lesson learned and accept that sometimes… you just can’t please them all.