the simple things…

My recent vacation to Thailand has truly been a life changing experience.  It has made me appreciate my life  in ways I never thought I would… in the smaller things. The simple things..   As Americans, we are afforded the luxury of a dishwasher, washer and dryer, western toilets, clean water, hot water,  air conditioning, cars and more.   These are day to day necessities for us Americans but even in a major metropolitan city like Bangkok it’s still not readily available to some of it’s inhabitants.

In particular, my heart goes out to this dessert cart owner making thin wafer marshmallow cookies (which were delicious, btw)  in the sweltering heat with 2 young children playing behind her.  This particular street cart vendor really tugged at my heart strings because her story seemed a little too familiar.  Though I don’t know any of her back story, she reminded me very much of my mother who struggled and singlehandedly  raised two young children as an immigrant in a foreign country.   Seeing this woman struggling to walk in life’s foot steps,  brings back so many memories of my childhood and my mother.    At first glance their similarities end, unlike the cart owner, my mom was able to plant her feet in the Land of Opportunity to begin, what would be, a new life for us.    It is here that she sacrificed  and it is here that I gained the opportunity to do what I love to do.     Though now  appreciate all the simple things in life such as hot water, air conditioning and western toilets, I can’t put into words how much more I appreciate my mother for taking a leap of faith, taking one of life’s biggest risks and ultimately sacrificing her life and well being to make everything possible for us. 

Much love to all the single mothers who make the impossible possible for their children!