Quick Tip | Achieving the sun-kissed glow

Have you ever wanted Jennifer Lopez’s golden goddess glow but ended up looking more like Snooki after one too many  smush sessions?
I thought this would be a great topic is because I think many women associate  sun-kissed glow to tanner skin thus using a darker foundation to achieve said look.     I experienced this first hand when I was applying makeup for a friend and she asked that I use her foundation because she felt that foundation gave her color.    I always recommend against this because when you apply a darker foundation the color hardly ever blends well on to  your skin and instead it appears as though it’s separating.   Additionally, I’ve noticed that some foundations  oxidize when applied on the skin and most often times turns an orangey hue.
Here is how to achieve a sun-kissed glow;
1)  Apply your regular foundation (one that matches your skin color)
2) Then LIGHTLY dust bronzer around your temples, along the jaw line, on the neck, your cheek bones and some times you may want to apply it on your chest.   Do not apply directly on the eyelids or around the eyes.  You also don’t want to over do it and have your neck be 4 shades lighter than your face.   
3) Although the bronzer is the what gives you the sun-kissed look… the highlighter is what gives off that bright glow. I lightly apply Lorac’s Perfectly Lit highlighter around the eyes, on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes.   This technique really helps with brightening your eyes and face and takes years off!
4) Don’t forget the blush!   You want  finish your look with some color on your cheeks and the  sun-kissed glow is never complete without a peachy/coral blush.  My favorite is NARS’s  Orgasm Blush.  It also contains shimmer so it helps heighten the glow.
REMEMBER LADIES…  Apply lightly!
Here are some examples of successful and unsuccessful “glows”: 
What NOT to do  - Snooki ( I love her to death but the makeup is just wrong)
What to do –  Jennifer Lopez who defined the sun-kissed glow and essentially started the trend.